During the past eight years, 38,000 Maryland households have fallen out of the middle class! This is an alarming number.

There's no doubt the Great Recession has taken its toll on the Middle Class. But this doesn't tell the entire story. Extreme taxation in Maryland is equally responsible. In fact, the average family of four now pays $4,800.00 more each year to Annapolis in taxes & fees! It's no wonder the working men and women of Maryland have voted for relief.

Rebuilding the middle class will require an end to the era of job killing regulations and excessive taxes & fees. Such policies have stifled innovation, job creation and risk-taking. This is because people and businesses require "predictability". Without predictability, there will be less investment - which means fewer jobs.

No free society can survive without her people knowing that an opportunity at a better life is not just possible, but probable.

To that end, Annapolis must send clear & convincing evidence that Maryland intends to expand the Middle Class, that Maryland intends to stop taxing retirees out of the state, and that Maryland values the role of the small business community.

Let's grow opportunity and renew Maryland - once again - as an engine of economic growth, prosperity and opportunity for all.