Maryland Progressives are at it again.

Delegate Dan Morhaim introduced HB 326 with its counterpart SB 288. The bills establish government-sponsored heroin rooms across the state. Effectively, the bills legalize heroin use throughout Maryland.

The legislation sanctions the injection of opioids such as heroin in "safe zones", while also providing needles to addicts.

Incredibly, the Senate version passed out of the Finance Committee by a 6-5 vote. Senator Nat Oaks was the deciding vote. That's the same Nat Oaks who confessed to taking cash bribes as an elected official.

The House version of the bill is sponsored by Delegate Dan Morhaim, who was censured by the House for ethics violations.

Maryland Progressives support state sponsored heroin dens.

Foreigners as Election Observers

SB 190 gives Foreign Nationals the right to supervise elections in Maryland. The bill is sponsored by Senators Kagan and Rosapepe.

Maryland elections are already supervised by the State Board of Elections and Election Judges, who are registered voters in Maryland. Given the concerns of Russian meddling in elections, you would think that Progressives would be against such a bill. Think again! In fact, the bill passed out of committee and was debated on the Senate Floor.

Once again, Maryland Progressives put non-citizens ahead of Americans.


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